Book Review – Week 5 Task

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I tend to read books that fall into the Dystopian subgenre of fiction. I love the plots in this subgenre and how complex the conflicts that the characters struggle with are. Characters in Dystopian fiction tend to undergo great personality changes as they grapple with the problem in their story and struggle to stand up for what is right. I like Dystopian fiction that blends with a little bit of romance. I like for characters to get their happy ending and find love on their path to fixing society’s conflicts. I have several favorite Dystopian fiction series. I read the entire Monument 14 trilogy by Emmy Laybourne this year and really enjoyed the blend of disgusting gore, action, romance, and humor that the series has to offer. The Partials trilogy is not a very well-known Dystopian series, but the story is so complex and interesting that I couldn’t stop listening to the books on Audible. I found myself carving out little bits of spare time throughout my entire day so I could listen to the story plot its way through many twists and unexpected turns. The Red Queen series and the Shatter Me series are two Dystopian series that have the perfect blend of action, dystopian conflicts, and romance. The characters in the stories change in such profound ways and take you along for a wild ride. They are both edge-of-your-seat action and suspense stories. The next time you find yourself with a few extra hours, pick up a copy of one of these books and throw yourself into a futuristic world filled with action, nail-biting suspense, and a touch of romance.